Ideas for "Men of taste"
Michael Rizzo shows off his own personal wardrobe which includes such nice acquisitions as an imported wool overcoat (Australia makes the best!), 
a nice British made suit from Daks of London, an Italian branded suit made in Canada, and a Harry Rosen brand suit    


Mr. Michael Rizzo shows off some of his wardrobe collection including his German 
(most beautifully designed) wool suit from Baumler of Germany (Harry Rosen Retailed)
"The star of the county down" (famous Irish folk song)
Our opinion: Dockers apparel is exceptional quality and value of greatest taste! 

Polo (Original green bottle) is "hands down the very best
cologne pick for men. Its also a top brand in men's clothing


A classic black and gold Cross Pen                          Along with a Philips (Holland) portable player 


           If you can afford a Rolex, buy this one!                              Porsche is the best brand in the business says Michael Rizzo

Old fashioned watch style sample for Industry edification